Hi, my name is Jamie and I am an ADD crafter...I seem to have dozens of projects going on at the same time, and though I would like to finish them all, it doesn't always happen....ok, it rarely happens! 

Sewing is definitely my craft of choice but I have been known to come up with some off the wall projects. Like most sewers, I am totally addicted to fabric! My philosophy is that it's not hoarding if you are going to make something with it...eventually. I get inspiration from lots of different places and I am constantly amazed at all the wonderful creative minds in the sewing world. Sometimes I think the most fun part of sewing is figuring out HOW to do it...luckily I have a knack for looking at something and being able to build the pattern in my head. That fact, however, only contributes to my ADD.
I started sewing when I was 7 on my grandmother's Singer...It was one of those super old school ones in the furniture cabinet from the 1950's. If you wanted to sew, you had to be pretty committed to the task because those machines don't make it exactly easy. About 4 years ago I finally got a *NEW* machine - a Brother Innov-is 1200. And I love it!!! After sewing for so long on an ancient machine, I feel like this machine sews itself. The only thing I have not mastered on this machine though has been the embroidery part, but I eventually hope to get that up and running. At that point, I might actually become dangerous. We'll see...one day at a time! :)